Zoom Time Baby Toddler Safety Noise Cancelling Ear Protection Headphones Best Hearing Protection Ages 0-2+ Years Old One Piece Design Earmuffs

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Perfect protection for your baby’s tender ears. Take them anywhere and easily put them on when around loud music, noisy common areas, airplanes, fireworks, parties, football games, or quiet time.PREMIUM PROTECTION for your baby’s ears against the loudest noises. Easily adjustable, light weight, and one piece design, smaller frame design perfect for infants and toddlers ages 0-2 years old.
ADJUSTABLE sides make this an easy fit for ages 0-2 years. Easily take on and off while offering superior comfort around the ears with extra soft padded cups.
LIGHT WEIGHT and easy to travel with. These ear muffs won’t irritate your baby’s ears. Sometimes the noise is too much and their little ears need a break. Throw them in your bag or keep in your car and have access to quiet at any time.
WHERE TO USE: Noisy cars, airplanes, air shows, concerts, games, loud public spaces, movie theaters – these are all great examples of places babies can benefit from these ear muffs. Have access to premium ear protection while you are at events louder than expected.
QUIET TIME is not lost when you have access to noise cancelling earmuffs. These are specifically designed for babies and toddlers. Ideal for down time or much needed quiet time in their day. Our goal is your satisfaction. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on our products.


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