Chuck E. Cheese Locations Are Being Modernized For Today’s Kids

Chuck E. Cheese has long been a go-to for family fun. From birthday parties to days off school, the combination of arcade games, pizza, and prizes has a pull on kids and their families.

Chuck E. Cheese is looking to keep that fun going in the modern world. Since 2017, the entertainment center chain has been working on a remodel project that customers are starting to see roll out.

By the end of 2019, more than 80 locations will have been remodeled around the United States, according to People. The refresh will see locations getting updated games that are more engaging to today’s children, light-up dance floors, and much more. We’ll see the end of some of our favorite parts of the Chuck E. Cheese experience, however.

Tokens are being phased out in favor of play passes and wristbands. The iconic animatronic band will also see its end, making way for kid-friendly remakes of radio hits.

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