Holiday Gifts for Boys of All Ages

Whether you have a sports fan, techy kid, book lover, we’ve got something that boys of all ages will love in this gift guide with all our favorite picks for gifting this year.

We love the model of picking a variety of gifts with something they want, need, and will read for the new year ahead for the holidays.

Holiday Gifts for
Boys of All Ages

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Outdoor Toys for Boys

Your sports enthusiasts will love the fun products by Franklin Sports, with options for every age and interest! For the perfect intro to baseball, the Franklin MLB Super Star Batter 2-in-1 Tee Ball Combo starts as a tee ball stand and then lets your child graduate to a Pop-a-Pitch where the ball will pop up 3′ ready to practice pitch hitting! The stand adjusts from 21″-25″ for the perfect height for right or left handed hitters.

Boys will have a ball with the 6-pack set of Superskin Dodgeballs! Throw, catch, play a round of dodgeball, or come up with your own sporty games. The tough Superskin polyurethane shell improves grip while also reducing the sting of a traditional rubber dodgeball’s impact. They set come includes 6 vibrant colors.

Every boy is going to be wanting Stomp Rockets this year. Who wouldn’t be amazed at using your own body to launch a foam rocket up to 200 feet into the sky? Not only does this STEM toy teach about gravity, trajectory, force and the power of air, but it is so exciting and interactive! Stomp Rockets has a great line of new rockets to showcase this Holiday season. X-Treme Rocket has the ability to launch up to 400 feet in the air. A perfect toy to wow all the neighborhood and enjoy a day of fun outside. Feeling a little competitive? 

The Deuling Rockets has a special launch stand that allows two people to individually launch their rocket and see who has more power! They definitely won’t be able to launch only once. No batteries needed at all, just the power in your kids’ body to stomp on the launch pad and send the rockets flying!

Special trick airplanes designed by aeronautical engineers allow each plane in the Stomp Rocket: 3 Stunt Planes a unique stunt! They’ll be sending them up again and again to see giant loops, soaring glides and a variety of other stunts. 

Give your boys the thrill and the power to ride with the Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket. It’s a scaled-down, battery-powered electric dirt bike that can handle off road terrain. The large tires and a twist grip throttle are ready to give the performance they seek.

Since the MX350 Dirt Rocket has a rechargeable battery, you’ll never need to refill it with gas. It lasts for up to 30 minutes of continuous use per charge and can reach speeds of up to 14 mph. It is designed for kids ages 13 and up.

Boys all over the neighborhood will want to be battling with the Air Warriors Arsenal from Buzz Bee Toys. The Covert Squad dart blasters allow you and a friend to stay in secret communications while you track down the enemy during battle. Each blaster has a walkie talkie range of up to 300 feet and can blast darts up to 100 feet away. That will make for quite a battle! The walkie talkies come with a set of ear buds so only your teammate can hear what you are saying, and they have two channels so multiple teams can be playing! The enemy team doesn’t stand a chance!

If you are going to be in some serious dart play, you might want to check out the Air Warriors Agitator Blaster. This pump action rapid fire dart blaster can shoot darts up to 100 feet away and you can complete longer missions without having to reload! If the 10 dart clip runs out, just flip it over for another full clip to load and fire for continuous play! The barrel of the Agitator Blaster is detachable and can also be used as a scope. I wouldn’t want to be on the team against this dart blaster!

If you are needing a variety of dart blasters, check out the Air Warriors Adventure Force Arsenal. Both blasters can fire their darts up to 100 feet away. The clip fed long distance rifle blaster has a scope to help you zero in on your target and get great aim, but the smaller revolver style blaster can give you that quick draw and also uses a flip clip to allow for two full clips before needing to reload. The darts are a bright green so they are easily found and the darts are compatible with all Adventure Force Blasters and most standard NERF blasters, allowing for everyone to be in on the battle. 

Exciting Toys for a Range of Ages

Build, drive, play, and explore with the exciting Build-able Power Drivers RC vehicles by Flybar. Choose from 12 different emergency, service, or construction vehicles as part of the line. Each build-able vehicle comes apart into pieces and then can be screwed together with the included power drill that converts to the remote controller when you’re ready to drive.

This fun STEM toy helps improve fine motor skills and gives multiple ways to play for even more fun and exploration. I adore the bright colorful vehicles with favorites like a police cruiser, garbage truck, excavator and more!

Kids of all ages will love the variety and exciting toys available by Spin Master. Some of our favorite picks are the fun line of Paw Patrol toys, Bakugan toys, and the irresistible Kinetic Sand. The Sandisfying Set includes 2-lbs of Kinetic sand and 10 tools for lots of creative ways to play.

Try a battle with the Bakugan Starter Pack that includes an assortment of collectible characters and ability cards. Just roll the Bakugan over the included cores and watch the spring into action ready for battle. For little friends, the My Size Lookout Tower will let them have fun with their favorite Paw Patrol pals as they go to the rescue. It’s 2.5′ of fun and excitement.

  • Spin Master has toys for every age and interest with fun picks like Hatchimals, Etch A Sketch, Hedbanz and many more!

Harry Potter fans will be beyond thrilled with the exciting gift ideas from Wow! Stuff. Who wouldn’t love to have their very own Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak? You can appear to disappear using the Invisibility Cloak Illusion Costume and the Invisibility App by Wow! Stuff. Check yourself out through the app and snap a picture to see yourself disappear.

Watch as the Mystery Flying Snitch appears to magically fly around your body — avoiding capture! The flapping wings fly on a stretchy thread that’s almost totally invisible from 6-ft giving you the ability to recreate the magic from Harry Potter in your own home.

  • You can find even more fun Harry Potter themed gifts from Wow! Stuff. They are available for purchase at Walmart and on Amazon.

Green Toys has a fantastic line up of toys that are not only Toddler approved and safe, but also great for our environment. Their toys are made in the USA with 100% recycled plastic! I love when I can find something for my littles that they love and it is helping me be more green in the process. What toddler doesn’t love cars?

The Green Toys Parking Garage is so much more than just cars! It is a multi-level place space where vehicles (and helicopter!) can drive up, fill up, fix up, and take off! My littles love the drive through station and a ramp on the other side to send it off.  Another neat aspect of the Green Toys is that they are Dishwasher Safe! Being able to place the parts (especially vehicles that go everywhere with us) from our Parking Garage in the dishwasher to get sanitized regularly is a game changer for me!

  • Find Green Toys great lineup of amazing toys like this Parking Garage!

All the boys will love becoming a hero in their make-believe world of alien superpowers! They’ll be totally engrossed in Playmates’ Ben10’s world as they play alien games on the Ben10 Alien Game Omnitrix! The LCD screen looks just like the regular Omnitrix but it has 4 different play modes: you can choose your alien and battle the bad guys in Battle Game; try and beat your fastest time in the Timing Game and see how quickly you can find an alien; transform yourself and act as one of your favorite aliens in the Transforming Game; match an alien sequence on the screen during the Memory Game. So much fun to be had as you transform into Ben10 and battle with all your new Alien Superpowers. 

You can also take those aliens into battle with you and stop the invasion from the Forever Knight with the line of amazing Ben10 figures that Playmates has for Ben 10 fans! Your boys will be saving the world over and over and over again!

Books & Games Boys Will Love

Your kids will enjoy the Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks series just as much as you did as a kid! They are available in 4-book and 6-book gift sets or you can even purchase the entire collection to keep them reading and exploring new possible endings each time.

Choose from the Classic Choose Your Own Adventure series perfect for children ages 9-12. Or, for younger readers, try the Dragonlarks series with a larger font, full color art, and no scary endings for readers aged 5-8.

Games are the go-to favorite gift in our home. We love the fun and exciting games by the Ravensburger brands. Here are some of our favorite game picks for boys this season. Boys that love spooky will have a blast with Horrified: Universal Monsters, a strategy game featuring favorite villains including Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, the Mummy, and more. Work together to defend the town against the worst monsters with a new challenge each time you play!

Potter fans won’t be able to get enough of the Pictopia: Harry Potter Edition trivia challenge. There are over 1,000 picture questions to challenge even the biggest fan of the Harry Potter movies and Fantastic Beasts series. Think Fun has created an exciting new logic challenge in Invasion of the Cow Snatchers. Use the magnetic UFO to snatch the cows out of the field.

  • Find award-winning games for the whole family from Ravensburger, Wonder Forge, and Think Fun this holiday season!

Our family loves finding new card games in their stockings. Hoyle offers up some of the classic card games like Crazy Eights, Go Fish, Old Maid, Matching, Memory, and Slap Jack in their 6 in 1 Fun Pack along with some new fun games like Catch’N Fish, Sharks are Wild, Monkey May I, and Piggy Bank. We took the 6 in 1 Fun Pack camping, and the kids played the entire week. No one even asked for electronic devices! My teenager recently found the fun of Hoyle’s waterproof cards and they played cards in the pool! It was a perfect afternoon! These are perfect for Holiday travel. Kids of all ages will be delighted to find some fun card games from Hoyle inside their stockings this Holiday Season. 

  • Find great games by Hoyle on Amazon this Holiday Season.

National Geographic’s new series So Cool! So Cute! is the perfect fit for the little animal lovers in your life. Perfect for ages 3-7, your little one will adore learning all about animals through incredible pictures and fun filled facts.

What’s even better than learning about Sharks and Pandas? How about ADORABLE photos and funny stories? Talk about a fun way for the whole family to learn and come together this Holiday season.

Building Toys for Boys

Robots are taking over this Holiday Season. Thames and Kosmos has some of the coolest robot building sets for kids that you will find anywhere! The Robot Safari allows kids ages 5-7 to build a series of adorable, motorized robotic animals with an introductory mechanical engineering kit that follows a storybook. Throughout the story, your child will be able to create 8 different robotic animals (polar bear, cat, narwhal, sea otter, etc.) while on their Robot Safari experimenting with them to see how each one uses the battery powered motor and mechanical parts to move differently.

If your child has mastered the basic robotics, they will definitely love the Gumball Machine Maker where your child can build their own working gumball machine while learning physics lessons along the way. The track segments can be moved around on the base to create an almost limitless number of different gumball machines with different stunts and tricks (pendulum, trampoline, pinball launcher, etc.) I think I might want one of these for myself this year in addition to one for my child.

  • Pick up these great robotic gifts like Robot Safari and Gumball Machine Maker this season from Thames and Kosmos.

All ages will have hours and hours of building fun with Magformers this Holiday Season. These are great for all kids 3+ (I’ve even caught my husband putting things together once the kids have gone to bed.) The creativity of these magnetic construction toys allow for new exploration every time they play. You can get basic sets with building ideas included, or you can get specific sets to add onto a basic set, like the Amazing Rescue 50 piece set.

The Amazing Rescue 50 Piece Set comes with 24 magnetic pieces, 2 characters and emergency vehicle accessories to build a fire station and fire truck! Even as my kids grow up and decide to give toys away, our Magformers are NEVER allowed to leave the house. This is such a fun Holiday addition to any household. With Magformers, your kids will click and create their own adventures all year long.

Plus-Plus is a unique building toy from Denmark. Every piece is the same shape, and the way they interlock allows the builders to build almost anything! They can create 2D mosaics and incredible 3D creations. My kids used the Baseplate and tube DUO to create an amazing 3D cave and then built different animals to live inside their cave. The tubes are also a perfect size for stocking stuffers!

Our family personally loved the Mystery Makers. Once you follow the instructions, you might create a new robot or pet! When they’ve discovered their Mystery, they can build it again, or use the great Plus-Plus connectors to create their own new creation! These are perfect sizes to stick in a stocking or take with you for holiday travel.

  • If your child loves to build and is looking for a new unique building toy this year, definitely check out the many varieties Plus-Plus has to offer.

Fashionable Finds

I love finding gifts that are both useful and stylish. This Holiday season, I’m absolutely adoring fashionable and functional kids footwear fromBobux.

Living in a city where it snows for 6 months of the year, investing in quality kids footwear is a must. These Aspen Boots are my most favorite boots I’ve ever gotten for my kids. The soft Merino lining and waterproof design are perfect for all weather conditions. Best of all, they are super easy to take on and off. I love them so much, I have a pair for my little girl as well. For my baby, Bobux’s soft soled leather shoes are a dream. So many fun footwear options for babies, toddlers, and kids!

Which of these gift ideas are on your boy’s wishlist?

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