Woman Proudly Shows Off Her Stretch Marks In Maternity Shots

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Having maternity shots taken is a relatively new trend that many pregnant people are embracing. It’s totally amazing, and the results are always some kind of wonderful for so many reasons.

We’ve seen celebrities and regular people alike get all done up to show off their bellies, and it’s cool to see because it helps families celebrate a very special time, as well as the wonder of pregnant bodies.

However, those glamour shots often don’t show us everything. In fact, oftentimes they show us a certain idea of pregnancy, and honestly? Pregnancy is not all glamour. Didn’t you know?

Many times these kinds of photos purposefully cover up the real details, like stretch marks.

The truth is that most people have stretch marks, wobbly bits, and other imperfections, especially during pregnancy. It’s hard work on a body, after all! One new mom by the name of Christina Abiola recently did the opposite of hiding those imperfections.

Instead, she showed off her stretch marks in a series of photos. While she had been feeling self-conscious during her pregnancy, after she gave birth, she let go of her insecurities and proudly shared the images on her Instagram page. Of course, the internet loved it, and she’s inspiring moms everywhere.

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